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Épave dans la mer


The Nosy Be region offers certified divers a wide range of sites and destinations. Our speedboats will take you daily for FUN DIVES of 2 dives in unequaled comfort in Madagascar. First on site, we will make you discover the bay of Nosy Be and also the exceptional reefs of Iranja and the Mitsio archipelago!

Beginner or experienced divers, big or macro enthusiasts, everyone will find what they are looking for on the reefs of Madagascar!


Diving in nosy-be in all serenity


Discover scuba diving

The discover scuba diving is an initiation program that will give you a first diving experience under the close supervision of a PADI instructor. Ideal for course stays or to put your first foot in the water before embarking on a more complete training.

During a presentation the instructor will explain the dynamics of diving and how to easily solve the most common problems.

Then you enter the pool to practice a series of exercises that will improve your comfort and safety.

You will end up diving on one of the coral reefs of the bay, the magic happens... The wonder will be there! Maximum depth 12m, minimum age 10 years.

Open Water

The Open Water course is the PADI entry course, and will allow you to access a globally recognized diving certification. It will allow you to dive up to 18 meters in pairs. This course lasts 4 days and is available to persons from 10 years old.

Days 1: Theoretical training divided into 5 sections, complete with quizzes and exams. This part can be done at home thanks to PADI Elearning (contact us). We recommend Elearning to make the most of the Nosy Be sun!

Day 2: Practical training in the pool which will familiarize you with your equipment and diving techniques.

Days 3 and 4: Two sea trips of two dives combined with safety and buoyancy exercises.

Sous-marine Plongée sous-marine
Spot de plongée

Advanced Open Water

With the Advanced Open Water course in hand, you can dive to a depth of 30 meters! It is a course mainly for access to practice at sea, which will allow you to develop your skills as a diver. Five dives, each with its specialty! Deep dive (30m) and mandatory orientation, and the three others to choose with your instructor according to your interests. The theoretical part can be completed before your arrival thanks to PADI Elearning.

Duration of two to three days, minimum age 10 years.

EFR + Rescue Diver

EFR (emergency first response) is a globally recognized first aid training course. You will learn to identify problems related to an accident and react quickly and effectively. Composed of practical modules, theory and scenarios, this course will allow you to master first aid including cardiac massage.

The Rescue Diver part is designed in a similar way, but purely for access to diving and its environment. A day of theoretical training (can be done at home thanks to Elearning) followed by a day of training on various practical sea rescue exercises. We will end on a day of two dives, with scenarios of divers in distress! These two courses together are extremely fun, and bring you a new perspective on the world of diving. One of the best training memories for many divers! Minimum age 12 years, maximum depth 30m.

trousse de premiers secours
Plongée dans le récif


The Dive Master is the first professional level of diving in PADI training. It is a training that is very important to us and for this reason we only take our students for long-term internships (2 to 6 months). You will come out of this course as an accomplished diver, with a perfect mastery of guide/orientation techniques, diving psychology and exercises related to the different training courses!

Private tour

Exclusively hire one of our stars for an à la carte day! Tranquility and comfort will be the key words of your sea trip.

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